Best Waterproof Wig Glue

When it comes to wearing your wig, toupee or any hair system we know that peace of mind comes when you’re able to go about your day without worrying if your hair piece will move or fall off. This can occur from natural skin oils or even from the weather. That’s why when designing our products, we ensured our adhesives were waterproof and oil resistant to help give you that confidence and reassurance.  Using a waterproof wig glue also helps to achieve a natural look as it blends with the skin colour of the person using it.


In this guide we discuss our best waterproof product as well talking through questions often asked when using them.


First, you may be asking how do you know if you should use waterproof glue or not? Each wig glue can respond differently to varying climates and lifestyle demands, so therefore we advise you ask yourself the following questions:

·      How long will you wear your wig?

·      What sort of climate do you live in? Humid? Dry? Temperate? Hot? Cold?

·      What are the specific demands of your lifestyle? Are you a gym goer? Office worker under air conditioning all day?


For example, if you are a swimmer you will want a waterproof wig glue. Whilst you can wear a swimming cap, moisture can still get under and many compromises the hold of your wig.


Or perhaps, you are living in an area where it is hot and humid. In this case, you should also consider a waterproof wig glue as the moisture level in the air can affect your adhesive hold.


Our Product Recommendation


Ghost Bond XL


This product will have you truly confident, no matter which situation you find yourself in! Specially formulated, we have developed our GhostBond XL to give exemplary moisture protection. As this has a higher melting point than any other adhesive product, you can trust your hair piece to stay in place no matter how hot it can get, or whichever sport you partake in.

How to use Ghost Bond XL

It’s important to note you should not apply Ghost Bond XL Directly to a Lace Base.

Step 1: Always run a patch test before full application. While all of our products are safe on skin, there are different types of sensitive skin. We recommend performing a patch test if you are nervous about a product irritating your skin. Particularly, if you are using wig glue and know you have sensitive skin.

To do so, place a small amount of adhesive on an area of sensitive skin: this can be the inner arm, behind the ear, or the scalp if possible. Next, place a plaster over the adhesive and let it stay on overnight.

Remove the plaster the following day and check for a reaction.

Step 2: We recommend our very own Scalp Protector Spray. Simply clean the skin where adhesive is to be applied. Apply Scalp Protector and let dry until it is not tacky to touch. Scalp protector forms a protective barrier to prevent irritation from using adhesives.

Step 3: If bonding a skin/polyurethane unit, apply one thin coat on the base. This should always be completed before you start applying Ghost Bond XL to the scalp.

Step 4: Apply 4 thin coats of Ghost Bond XL to your scalp, keeping the same quantity of adhesive with each coat. Allow roughly 20 seconds in between coats for each coat to dry.

Step 5: Once the 4th coat is applied, wait 4-5 minutes for Ghost Bond XL to completely cure. To remove the GhostBond XL product we recommend using our ‘Ultra Safe’ adhesive remover.

There you have it, our very own waterproof wig glue! You can have confidence in knowing that your wig will stay in place as long as you need it to without having to worry. Try for yourself today!

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