Hair Glue for Sensitive Scalp

If you have sensitive skin, it can be frustrating to spend time ensuring you find the right product for you whilst still meeting your hair glue needs.

Sensitive scalps require carefulness. Therefore, consideration should be taken when selecting the best hair bonding glue if you do not want to harm your skin.  You can be reassured that our products are free from latex, toxic ingredients or solvents so it won’t damage or degrade your own natural hair quality, nor should it burn your scalp.

To help you have the best experience when wearing using hair glue we discuss below our best products for sensitive skin. First, let’s take you through the importance of preparation for sensitive scalps.

Perform a Patch Test

While all of our products are safe on skin, there are different types of sensitive skin. We recommend performing a patch test if you are nervous about a product irritating your skin.

To do so, place a small amount of adhesive on an area of sensitive skin: this can be the inner arm, behind the ear, or the scalp if possible. Next, place a plaster over the adhesive and let it stay on overnight.

Remove the plaster the following day and check for a reaction.

Scalp Protector

Scalp protector forms a protective barrier to prevent irritation from using adhesives. Even more, it also helps improve adhesion and duration of bonds, working particularly well in hot and humid conditions.

We recommend our very own Scalp Protector Spray. Simply clean the skin where adhesive is to be applied. Apply Scalp Protector and let dry until it is not tacky to touch.

If you feel like your scalp is particularly sensitive and needs that extra protection, then our ‘Scalp Protector- Thick’ has been designed for you. The stronger version of Scalp Protector this product offers those who are needing an even thicker barrier against irritation.

Using Solvent-Based Glue Instead of Water Based

When it comes to hair glue, you might find it difficult to decide what the best type of adhesive is for sensitive scalps. There are some distinctions between the product range we offer that may help you to make your decision. Our Solvent based adhesives are usually clear in colour and they provide a longer-wear time. Whilst our Water based adhesives are white in colour and tend to be gentler on skin with long-term use. Our best products for a sensitive scalp are typically water-based.

Recommended Hair Glue for Sensitive Skin

For Women Only Hair Adhesive for Wigs

Our ‘For Women Only’ Hair glue is a safe and non-toxic adhesive. It is specially designed for women who have sensitive skin. It not only holds best on poly hair systems, but it can also be used on the lace. This has been manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that its effectiveness and safety are among the best in the hair field today.

Ghostbond XL

This new version based of our original Ghost Bond hair glue, is designed with enhanced waterproof capabilities and advanced moisture control to give you the best adhesive under high temperatures as well as being kind to the most sensitive scalps.

Our high-performance adhesive contains no harsh chemicals, no toxic ingredients, and no latex so you can feel confident that you will get a superior hold that is safe and gentle to your skin.


When removing your hairpiece, we recommend you use our skin-safe adhesive removers to soothe and protect the scalp in the process. Our adhesive removers have been designed to control skin oils and maintain a perfect PH balance to avoid irritation of the sebaceous glands. All products have been developed for use on hair systems only.

More importantly, each product has been specially developed to keep your hair system free from grease and oil residue, all of which can interfere with the next adhesion process. This means our products are highly refined and have been proven to remove adhesive residue competently and comprehensively from all types of hair, no matter what bonding product range you are using.

You can have confidence in knowing that all our products have been designed to avoid irritation to your skin or scalp. Try for yourself and fall in love with our products as much as we have

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