Hair Glue Price

At GhostBond our mission has always been to provide hair products that exceed your expectations. Through the years, we have refined and fine-tuned our formulations to bring you the best possible adhesive solutions and all for a cost that you can afford.

We went through months of rigorous testing and adjusting to bring you a product range that is of a high standard putting safety first. Our products solve many issues for the hair replacement industry, some of which include controlling moisture, quick drying solutions and being reliable. Whether you need a wig or just want to spice up your style, our range of hair glue can make the application process seamless in order to achieve a natural and realistic look as possible.

What is Hair Glue?

Before we begin, for those who may not know, let us tell you what exactly hair glue is! Hair Glue is a method where you use an adhesive that is specially formulated for bonding hair replacement systems to skin and scalp. Ghost Bond products are adhesives that helps to hide your hairline and creates a natural look for your wig or toupee designed for both men and women alike. We have an extensive range of products for different preferences and needs with price tags aimed to match your budget. In this article we bring to you a selection of our hair glues, starting with the most affordable:

·      TransDermal for All Seasons Plus – £14.77 (38ml)

Up first is our most affordable hair glue, Transdermal for All Seasons Plus. This adhesive is designed to withstand higher temperatures and is waterproof giving you a long, strong hold even in the toughest weather conditions. With a small price tag, it has a big product offering and you can be assured you will get the most out of your money with this one!

·      Dermal Loc – £15.68 (38ml)

Next up, is our Dermal Loc. This fantastic hair system bonding glue has been specifically designed for men’s wigs and hair pieces. It can be used on poly units & your scalp. This product comes out white so you can easily see where you are placing your product, and then becomes invisible beneath your hair piece.

·      GhostBond Classic – £15.86 (38ml)

This product is what truly changed the bonding industry! With our GhostBond glue you can expect premium bonding capabilities and exceptional comfort, without the big price tag.

·      New Dimensions – £16.59 (38ml)

Have the best of both worlds with our New Dimensions. This hair glue is super strong ensuring your hair piece is going nowhere. This has been specifically designed for men’s wigs and hair pieces and can be used on poly & lace wig hair systems. Note, with the product we recommend that you do not apply it directly to mono-filament or lace foundations.

·      GhostBond Platinum – £17.49 (38ml)

Next, we have our GhostBond Platinum. This is the next generation in hair replacement technology carefully designed to adhere and remain undetectable. Also, you can use this on lace material.

·      Phantom – £18.13 (38ml)

Phantom hair adhesive is a great product for remaining undetected even under the thinnest of bases, and yet despite its fading appearance it will give you a solid hold. This product is suitable for both a poly and lace units.


·      GhostBond Supreme – £19.18 (38ml)


This product is one of our higher priced items, yet its still budget friendly! GhostBond supreme is a unique product that is designed to give invisible hair lines along with superior holding strength. You can be confident and comfortable that your hair piece is going nowhere with this.

Shop our range now. We offer free shipping on all orders over £150 and aim to send your items for delivery within 48 hours of placement so you can enjoy your products as early as possible. For any further queries don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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