How to remove hair extension glue

When removing your hair piece is it is important you follow the instructions discussed in this article as bonding is strong and base material can be delicate. This is to ensure you don’t damage your hair piece or skin during removal. Hair Glue is a strong bond and therefore needs proper care when removing.

If you pull the hair piece off your head this can lead to pain and irritation of your skin, as well as causing tears or stretching to the base of your hair piece. We recommend following a removal process and the right products to aid with it.

For removing your hair glue and hair piece you will need the following supplies: Hair bands (if you have long hair), one of our removal products and a wide-tooth comb.

Note: If you have long hair, we recommend you thoroughly brush your hair to remove any tangles. Next, section your hair into two pigtails or braids on each side of your head. This will help prevent any hair tangling during the process of removal.

The Standard Removal Process

Once you have your supplies ready, follow the below steps to effectively remove your hairpiece:

1.     Locate the back edge of your hair piece. We always recommend starting from the back so as to avoid damaging the front hairline, which is typically the most delicate part. Once you locate the edge, grab it between your thumb and index finger and begin to sperate the hair piece from your scalp gently.

2.     Next, take one of our hair glue removers (which we will discuss further down) and spray a few pumps of this under the back edge of your hair piece. Ensure to spray upwards so it can help begin to release the hair piece from your scalp.

3.     Once you have let our hair glue remover settle for a few seconds you can gently tug on your hair piece until it begins to release. Once you have felt it releasing you can pull this away from your scalp.

4.     As your hairpiece is pulling away, make sure to spray more hair glue remover to further release the bond. Continue this until the full bond has been removed.

5.     Be patient with the removal. If you force it this can cause irritation and potentially damage the base.

Our Recommended Hair Glue Removers


       Ghost Bond Ultra Safe – For cleaning scalps

Our ‘Ultra Safe’ Bond Remover is the perfect adhesive remover for cleaning all bonding adhesives from your hairpiece base, whether it be a skin graft or lace base. If you’re wanting a superior cleaning performance that won’t damage your hair system, then this is the ideal choice. Did we mention it’s gentle to your hair? Making it perfect for those with sensitive skin!


If you’re using this product on a lace system, spray this remover down through the hair piece and wait for 2-3 minutes. Then gently pull the hair piece away from the scalp, following the steps listed above.


If you have a skin poly hair piece, you are not able to use our Ultra Safe remover through the top of the hair. Instead, you start along the front hairline, gently pulling slightly back and spraying the remover onto the skin.

       Ghost Buster – For hair pieces only

If you need an adhesive residue remover for your hair system that’s tough enough to remove every trace of your hair adhesive, Ghost Buster is the product you’ve been looking for. This product has been developed for use on hair systems only and is designed to clean all types of hair systems whilst still protecting them from damage. It contains no aloe or lanolin so there is no oily or greasy residue that would interfere with future adhesive.

This particular product differs from the steps discussed previously and instead involves pouring the hair glue remover into a container and submerging the hair piece in the container. This can be left in the remover for 10 minutes to 2 days. After your desired time, take the hair piece out of the solution and clean your hair with your lace-cleaning gun. Rinse the hair piece with lukewarm water and repeat for at least 2 more times.

       Transdermal Type II Remover


Another one of our recommendations is the ‘Transdermal Type II’ Remover which is tough on glue and is effective on a wide range of our adhesive products. This product ensures your hair system still looks like new while blasting away all glue residues.


Another benefit of this product is the citrus based cleaners included which helps to keep your hair pieces colour and condition for much longer. Like the product before, to use this remover, you can pour it the hair glue remover into a container and completely submerge the hair system in the container. Your hair piece can be left in the solution for 10 minutes to 2 days.

All of our hair glue removers have been formulated to be high performing whilst ensuring there are no lanolin or aloe ingredients used. These ingredients can leave hair pieces oily which causes problems with future application and can lead to a poor appearance. Shop our Hair Glue Removers now to find the one best suited to your needs!


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