Lace front hair glue

Today there are many hair systems options that allow you to get creative and build your confidence. One of the most popular options is lace front wigs. These are a common choice for women as they usually mimic a natural hairline and provide full coverage from ear to ear. To apply these hair systems, we recommend you use a hair glue to ensure you get the upmost hold and strength.


At GhostBond we offer a range of different types of hair glue that work well with lace hair systems and avoid causing any damage to your wig or scalp. In order to ensure you get the most effective and natural look when installing your hair system there are a number of tips you should follow.


Prep for your Hair System Installation


Tip 1: Prepare your natural hair

If you have natural hair, then this is an important step to take in order to secure your look. Methods on how to prepare your hair can vary depending on your own hair’s length, texture and thickness. Ultimately, your own natural hair should be as flat and smooth as possible. Common ways to style the hair is through braids, cornrows or twists.

Tip 2: Pluck the hairline of the Wig

Plucking the hairline of your wig is an essential tip to getting a natural looking hairline. This can be done by using regular tweezers you may have in your home. Whilst this can take some time it is important. Simply, you want to remove some strands of hair, remembering to not make harsh lines across the front of your hair. You can place your wig on your head to gather an idea of where you should pluck and repeat as necessary. Avoid over plucking in certain areas.

Installation process

Tip 3: Use a wig cap

We recommend using a wig cap that matches your skin tone or alternatively adding makeup or lace tint so that underneath your wig will ultimately look like a natural scalp. If you choose the cap method, ensure it covers all of your hair. Follow our ‘four fingers’ rule to determine how far down the wig cap should go, i.e., you want to place your pinky finger at the top of your eyebrow, and then count four fingers up, where your pointer finger or your index finger stops is where your wig cap should be.

Tip 4: Cutting the lace

When cutting your wig’s lace, we advise making two vertical cuts into the excess lace: each one directly above your eyebrow’s highest points. This then allows you to move into your third and final layer of glue and work in sections. At this point no glue will have been applied.


Tip 5: The gluing process

We recommend starting in sections as you being to glue allowing each section to dry until its clear. Once it’s clear you can then attach the first piece of the hair system. It’s important to ensure you are intentional of where you place it, so as to avoid pulling the hair system off and removing the hair glue.

One of our favourite adhesive products for wigs is the GhostBond ‘For Women Only’. This particular product has been specially formulated for women searching for a lace wig glue that does not irritate the skin. When it comes to glue on wigs for women, this is the best hair glue available.

Tip 6: Pressing Down the Wig

With the wig attached, you can now further press down the glue with a comb. Repeat this process for all sections to ensure you get the most hold from your glue. 

After Instalment

Tip 7: Finishing Touches

Finally, you will want to cut away all the excess lace now that the wig is secured. Take a pair of scissors and cut across the front so you have a hairline. Our top tip is to cut it as jagged as possible; this is because if you cut it straight across it can be an obvious give away that you’re wearing a wig.

We hope our tips help you with the installation process of your lace front wig. Why not browse our hair glue products to find your new favourite product!

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