Permanent Wig Glue

Wigs are hair pieces, either made with synthetic materials or real human hair. There are several reasons why people choose wigs and if they regularly wear them, often they find using a permanent glue option to be much more convenient for them.

Our Hard Bond acrylic range is mostly used for perimeter permanent bonding and occasionally full head bonding. This type of glue is generally stronger than water-based adhesives. This is a solvent based hair adhesive, formulated for those who demand a safer alternative to the solvent based adhesives leaving you confident and comfortable. However, we do stock some silicone-based adhesives that are just as good.

First, let’s consider the advantages of disadvantages of wearing a wig:

Advantages of wearing wigs are:

  • Instant Results: You don’t have to wait around for a hair treatment to work, wigs can transform your look instantly.
  • Limitless Styles: Wigs come in different colours and styles. You can change your hairstyle whenever you like without making a commitment to one look.
  • Convenience: Wigs are easy to put on and can be applied when you feel like wearing them.

Disadvantages of wearing wigs are:

  • Maintenance and Care: You need to adopt a strict care routine for your wig, especially if you want to keep your wig as natural-looking as possible.
  • Damage to Natural Hair: Wigs can damage your hairline and hinder natural growth if you do not use products correctly.
  • Uncomfortable: When worn for a long time, wigs can be uncomfortable. Sometimes, they can feel unpleasant or hot to wear.


We have a range of permanent wig glue products that contain no chemicals or toxins, leaving them gentle and kind to your skin. Here are our top recommendations:


·       Flex-A-Bond


If you’re searching for the very best hard bond hair glue for wigs, then we have the product for you! This formula has been triple distilled for ultimate purity. Our Flex-A-Bond wont flake or crystallizer after application. Even more, our adhesive is free from any impurities making it incredibly gentle on your skin.


·       A/B Adhesive

Next, we have our A/B Adhesive! Its new and improved features include extra hold and a higher melting point so you can be reassured that your bonding will hold up to the most intense climates.


·       Bio Soft Loc Plus

Finally, we have our Bio Soft Loc Plus. this is a silicone based adhesive and maintains its flexibility as it dries. This product is a high performing adhesive bringing you the perfect perimeter bond with no hair track.


Wig Maintenance

Just like natural hair, you should care for any hair piece as you would your own. Below are some of our top tips in order to keep your wig looking and feeling fresh and natural:


1.     Wash your wig with sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner


Whilst your own hair will benefit from the oils produced by your scalp, wigs do not. This means you should avoid cleaning them with products that contain harsh chemicals, so you don’t damage the hair.


2.     Keep your wig covered between use


When you aren’t wearing your wig, make sure you store it appropriately. Heat can damage your wig hair so it’s important to keep it in a cool place. If you find you live in a humid area, a humidifier in your room can save your wig from drying out. We also advise to keep it covered protecting it any dirt or dust in the air.


3.     Protect your own scalp


Use our Scalp Protector and Dual Action Shampoo to maintain a healthy scalp. When you have a healthy scalp, you avoid residues, oils and grease from building up and interrupting the adhesion process as well as stopping it from seeping into your wig. Our Dual Action Shampoo is a powerful cleanser capable of removing all traces of adhesive residue. It’s not necessary to use this product every day.


Now that you know all you need to know about wigs and permanent wig glue, why not try out our products for yourself and find your new favourite product!


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