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Permanent Wig Glue

Wigs are hair pieces, either made with synthetic materials or real human hair. There are several reasons why people choose wigs and if they regularly wear them, often they find using a permanent glue option to be much more convenient for them. Our Hard Bond acrylic range is mostly used for perimeter permanent bonding and

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Lace front hair glue

Today there are many hair systems options that allow you to get creative and build your confidence. One of the most popular options is lace front wigs. These are a common choice for women as they usually mimic a natural hairline and provide full coverage from ear to ear. To apply these hair systems, we

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Hair Glue for Bald Guys

With so many hair glues on the market it can be a difficult task to select the right one for your needs. Wearing hair pieces have become particularly popular amongst men experiencing hair loss, balding and receding issues. The best way to find the best hair adhesive for you, is by doing some research. With

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Hair Glue for Sensitive Scalp

If you have sensitive skin, it can be frustrating to spend time ensuring you find the right product for you whilst still meeting your hair glue needs. Sensitive scalps require carefulness. Therefore, consideration should be taken when selecting the best hair bonding glue if you do not want to harm your skin.  You can be

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Best Waterproof Wig Glue

When it comes to wearing your wig, toupee or any hair system we know that peace of mind comes when you’re able to go about your day without worrying if your hair piece will move or fall off. This can occur from natural skin oils or even from the weather. That’s why when designing our

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How to remove hair extension glue

When removing your hair piece is it is important you follow the instructions discussed in this article as bonding is strong and base material can be delicate. This is to ensure you don’t damage your hair piece or skin during removal. Hair Glue is a strong bond and therefore needs proper care when removing. If

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Hair Glue Price

At GhostBond our mission has always been to provide hair products that exceed your expectations. Through the years, we have refined and fine-tuned our formulations to bring you the best possible adhesive solutions and all for a cost that you can afford. We went through months of rigorous testing and adjusting to bring you a

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Lace Wig Glue

At GhostBond our aim is to offer and provide our customers with the best products and solutions to satisfy their hair needs. Here, it is our commitment to provide only the best advice for all wig lovers based on what it is you desire. Whether you are a professional salon or a hair system user, we

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Should I Glue my Wig Down?

When it comes to deciding on how to wear your wig, a question we often hear is ‘Should I Glue my wig down’? Whilst there is no one right answer to that question, there are some factors that can help you decide. There are numerous methods you can use, and some will work better for

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