Hair System Home Dye Kits


The worlds first hair colour range exclusively for Men’s Hair Systems and Human Hair Wigs is coming Summer 2023.

They will be offered in two handy colouring kits:

Complete Kit Includes: Hair Dye, Colour Developer, reusable colour mixing bowl and colour application brush.

Colour Refill Kit Includes:    Hair Dye and Colour Developer


Professional size stock available on request

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BEFORE COLOURING: Remember to be colour safe and always do your patch test 48 hours before use, even if you have already used colouring products before. Please follow the instruction leaflet and read the safety information.

Every shade is made up of a perfect and subtle balance of colourants, for exceptional colour coverage.  Our colours will cover the natural hair in your hair system or wig but don’t panic if you have a grey percentage in your hair system as they colour will not attach to synthetic grey hair.


11B Hair Colour – Black, 1B Hair Colour – Off Black / Brown Black, 2 Hair Colour – Darkest Brown, 3 Hair Colour – Dark Brown, 4 Hair Colour – Medium Brown, 5 Hair Colour – Medium Light Brown, 6 Hair Colour – Light Brown, 7 Hair Colour – Very Light Brown, 8 Hair Colour – Warm Brown Blonde


Complete Kit, Colour Refill Kit

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