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New Demension is a robust, slightly more aggressive hair adhesive, ready to give you confidence in any situation.


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Suitable as both a poly and lace wig adhesive, and has been formulated under the guidance of a team of expert chemists, specializing in developing surgical adhesives.

This fantastic hair system bonding glue has been specifically designed for men’s wigs and hair pieces. Can be used on poly & lace wig hair systems. Do not apply directly to mono-filament or lace foundations.

Directions for use:

*If you have a lace base system New Demension should not be applied directly to the lace.

  1. Apply a thin coat of adhesive to the poly hairpiece base.
  2. While this coat is curing, apply 4-5 thin coats of adhesive to your scalp, being sure that each coat turns clear before applying the next.
  3. When each layer on your scalp, and the layer on the poly base have cured you may attach your unit.
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