NEW Ghostbond Glowup


Revolutionise your hair bonding experience with the new Ghostbond Glowup, unparalleled strength and durability.


Introducing our groundbreaking Sythergion Adhesion Technology, the driving force behind GHOSTBOND Glowup. This pioneering advancement provides unmatched bonding strength, ensuring a dependable and enduring grip that surpasses all expectations. Whether you encounter extreme conditions or employ it for everyday needs, GHOSTBOND Glowup is meticulously engineered to endure the trials of time.



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Introducing GHOSTBOND Glowup, featuring our revolutionary Synthergion Adhesion Technology at its core. This cutting-edge innovation guarantees an unprecedented level of bonding strength, ensuring a secure and long-lasting grip without leaving any sticky residue on your skin when removed.

Unparalleled Strength, Yet Gentle on Skin: We recognise the significance of a product that combines power and gentleness. That’s why GHOSTBOND Glowup is meticulously formulated to deliver robust adhesion without compromising safety. It works seamlessly with various materials, providing a strong bond without causing any harm or deterioration.

Effortless Application and Cleanup: Bid farewell to messy and intricate bonding procedures. GHOSTBOND Glowup is designed for simplicity, boasting a user-friendly formula that applies smoothly and cleans up effortlessly. Achieve professional-quality results with minimal hassle.

Versatility and Dependability: GHOSTBOND Glowup isn’t just a product; it’s your ultimate solution. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this adhesive adapts to your needs, offering versatility and reliability for all your bonding requirements.


1.3oz, 5oz

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